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Song of the month:
Yellow by Coldplay

so I was on Coldplay's spotify page and I was like "Hmmm what does their most popular song (discluding Viva la Vida) sound like?" and so I played it and once I heard Chris Martin sing "Yeah, they were all yellow" I INSTANTLY recognized the song! the whole song is just really good! Especially the chorus of the song. Its slow and very calm and it makes the song SO much betterQ


so the show didn't get greenlit but an older one did

so the show I WAS working on got turned down, but an even OLDER show that I pitched AGES ago got greenlit. I'm baffled, the show was meant to be sad and gloomy but I dont like sad so I made it a funny comedy show [: (trust me I have no idea how to make a sad show so uh yeah o_o)